Product number




Motor capacity

2000 W


Connection voltage

220-240/50 V/Hz

Max. pump pressure

150 bar

Max. pressure water inlet

7 bar

Max. water consumption

Max. water temperature

Max. sound levels

Auto start/stop

Thermal protection

Floor cleaner

Adjustable nozzle

Rotating nozzle



Hose reel

Force 2000 plus

The Eurom Force 2000 plus is a powerful high pressure cleaner ideal for around the house. This high pressure cleaner comes standardly with a terrace cleaner, as well as an adjustable nozzle and rotating nozzle. With 2000 Watts of power and 400 liters of water per hour the Force 2000 plus will certainly complete its task.

With the (optional) shampoo connection everything will be extra clean.

The trolley allows for easy displacement of the cleaner and with the hosereel you can easily roll up and store the hose.

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