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“We sell a comfortable home”

In the showroom of Eurom in Genemuiden the mission and vision of the total supplier is prominently visible on the wall. “We sell a comfortable home and want to take all the burdens from our clients, end users and the dealers. That is why we say: keep talking and listen to the client”, according to Wycher Bakker, director of Eurom.

In that ‘dialogue’, the core of the mission and vision of Eurom can be found. “Listening to the client, that is most important to us. What does that client want? What does the consumer need? That information offers us the possibility to develop and improve products faster. Our products are problem solvers. That promise can only be realized when we know exactly what the market needs.”

Heating electrically

Additionally, Eurom deploys their (product) knowledge to assure the client that besides quality, safety is also sought after with the electric products. “A great example are our heaters with Wifi and the free Eurom-app. New regulation dictates that electrical heaters with a permanent place must be provided with a weektimer, and must have two power settings. You could satisfy those requirements by adding seperate components, but we added these functionalities to the circuit board of the heater. This greatly augments user friendliness for the consumer. He/she can, from the way home from work, set the living room temperature to 21 degrees, and the bedroom to 19 degrees. Simply through the app.”

In the development of an as sustainable home as possible, electrical heating plays a big part, maybe even the main part. According to Bakker, that means that interest in electrical heaters will rise the coming years. “And when these heaters get a more permanent place in the home, design becomes more important as well. It speaks for itself that our focus is in alignment with that fact while further developing of our products.”

No red terrace

Also with their terrace heaters, Eurom constantly measures why products are succesful or not going too well. It appeared that a part of the consumers were bothered by the red glow of the lights. Bakker: “We took that to heart and developed a new series of terrace heaters that still offer warmth, but no red light. By continuously investing in the development of your product line you can stay ahead of the competition.” That is how de recent Shadow-line was developed, just as the ‘Heat and Beat’ series. Those are equipped with build-in speakers.

Listening to the consumer

Although the emphasis is on heating during the winter months, Eurom is developing on all fronts, and in all product groups. “In the mean time we have a mobile airconditioner, the Coolsilent 90, that creates no more noise than a modern dishwasher. Here, as well, the development of this product is suggested mostly by the consumer. There had been research into why consumers don’t purchase an airconditioner. In most cases that had to do with the noise. Seeing as the consumer is the deciding factor in our business we take those signals seriously.”


Not just the products of Eurom have to take a burden away, the service also has to help both the consumer as well as the selling dealer. “We are talking of our marketing, but also about logistics. Making sure the products get to the right place quickly, make sure the client does not miss out. Dealers can reserve stock with us, and that way they can maintain their service levels. Together me make sure that we do what we promise.”

Marketing also gets lots of attention. Bakker: “that doesn’t mean advertising gets a lot of budget, but it does mean that packaging is crystal clear. That they simply state what is inside. That way we help both the salesman in the store, as well as the consumer. We also have a couple of aides that help the clients make a quick decision. For terrace heating we have a decision tree: do you want gas or electric; standing or hanging heaters, etc. That is taking the burden away.”


To be able to live up to these promises now and in the future, Eurom is expanding the warehouse in Genemuiden. “We will have more that triple the volume that we have now. We will also start working with a semi-automated pallet system, allowing us not only to store more goods, but also work more efficiently.

Eurom on social media

Recently Eurom has also created a presence on social media. Bakker: “We want to take our products, actions, novities and news to those platforms. Especially in the early days we have a lot of actions. So go and follow us!”

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