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We get it, when you go to enjoy your garden peacefully, you don’t want to have to face those weeds that find their way up between the tiles anyway. That is why we have several devices that allow you to remove these weeds quickly and easily.

8713415247039 Weedburner XXL weed burner butane8713415247039 Weedburner XXL weed burner butane

Weedburner XXL
  • No power required
  • Large burner
  • Ergonomic handle
8713415247091 Electric weedburner 2-in-1 weedburner electric8713415247091 Electric weedburner 2-in-1 weedburner electric

Electric weedburner 2-in-1
  • BBQ nozzle
  • Weed nozzle
  • Rubber handle
8713415248104 Weed brush remove weed between tiles8713415248104 Weed brush remove weed between tiles

  • With plastic brush
  • Adjustable rod
  • Practical handle
8713415248234 Accu Weedcleaner weedbrush on battery rechargeable8713415248234 Accu Weedcleaner weedbrush on battery rechargeable

Accu Weedcleaner
  • No power required
  • 40 min. working time
  • Includes fast charger


How do you prefer to remove weeds? There are several ways.

Pull weeds out from between tiles using weed brushes or burn them down to the roots with our weed burners. No matter how big or small your garden is, there is a weed killer to suit it exactly.

For long jobs where you always need power, you naturally choose a powered weed killer. But is your garden bigger than the cord or do you not want to have to mind the cord? Then we also have battery-powered or gas-powered weed killers. So it's entirely up to you how you choose to remove the weeds!

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