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Discover the comfort
of infrared heating

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Infrared Heating

Discover the comfort of infrared heating

Looking for a new heating system, but do you find it hard to make a choice out of all the different types? We at Eurom would like to help you make a good choice. To help you do that we will explain what infrared heating is, how it works and what you need to think about before installing the panels. To make the choice even easier we developed an easy calculator. This will help you see instantly which infrared panels are a good choice for you home. Curious about heating your home with infrared? Keep on reading!

Infrared warmth,
what is that exactly?

There are quite some stories going around about infrared heating. The radiation would be unhealthy, you could not be exposed to it for more than half an hour, or you need to be rich to be able to afford it. Nonsense of course! Do you want to know more? You can read here more about it.


Online infrared calculator

How much Watts do I actually need? Calculate the volume of the room you want to heat with our calculator. That way you always make the right product choice.

Our advice

  • This advice is for a well isolated house.
  • Try to divide the panels throughout the area.
  • Round the Watts upwards, it is advisable to use a bit more Watts for extra comfort.
  • Make sure the area you want to heat is within 3 meters of the panel (for ceilings higher that 3 meter a different advice should be given).


The advice of this calculator is a guide line only and based on the Eurom Mon Soleil models.

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