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Too-dry air in your home can be annoying. Think dry eyes or mouth, and what about that beautiful wooden floor? A humidifier blows moist air into the room, increasing humidity to a fine level.

8713415374964 Oasis 303 luchtbevochtiger anti-bacterieel met hygrostaat8713415374964 Oasis 303 humidifier anti-bacterial with hygrostat

Oasis 303
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Silent mode
  • 3 l water tank
8713415374964 Oasis 303 humidifier anti-bacterial with hygrostat8713415374964 Oasis 303 humidifier anti-bacterial with hygrostat

Oasis 303 Wifi
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Silent mode
  • Wi-Fi control


A simple model humidifier you turn on, and it blows moist air into the room until you turn it off. Somewhat more sophisticated humidifiers have a humidistat. This hygrostat measures the humidity in the room, and adjusts the operation to achieve and maintain the desired level. With this, you know exactly how things are going.

Some humidifiers even have WiFi control that let you easily control the device via your smartphone. They also allow you to create weekly timers to turn the device on and off at exactly the right times: convenient and energy-efficient. Ideal for a smart home!

Black deposits on humidifier filters are a common problem with humidifiers of any brand.


Fortunately, it is preventable!


First, it is important to clean the humidifier regularly as described in the instruction booklet. Good hygiene works wonders!


It is also possible to add a dash of white vinegar to the water. This prevents deposits and is not harmful to Eurom humidifiers.

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