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Radiant heater

A radiant heater uses short- or medium-wave infrared radiation, so the heat can be felt directly on the skin. This heat dissipates much less than other types of heaters, which heat the air. This makes the radiant heater ideal for use in sheds, hobby rooms or other spaces that are less well insulated.

8713415332124 Eurom Golden Portable Industrial staande werkplaats verwarming opvouwbaar8713415332124 Eurom Golden Portable Industrial staande werkplaats verwarming opvouwbaar

Golden Portable IND
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy
  • Immediately warm
8713415351651 Safe-t-shine 1200 compact straalkachel halogeenSafe t-Shine 1200 Compact sfeer

Safe-t-Shine 1200 Compact
  • Compact
  • Oscillating
  • Immediately warm

Radiant heater

Infrared radiation feels wonderful on the skin. As soon as you turn on the radiant heater, you feel the warmth on your skin. Because you heat yourself directly, you do not unnecessarily heat the air in the room. This saves electricity, but also time, as you don't have to wait for the entire room to warm up.

A radiant heater is therefore a fine and practical solution to use in cold rooms. Because a radiant heater is often more compact, this type of heater is also easy to take with you. For example, for your work as a painter, or just at home when you sit in your attic where there is no heater. However you use it, we have the radiant heater for you!

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