Terrace heating at Baas BBQ

With the first solar beams coming out the barbecues are pulled from storage and dusted off. RTL4 kicks off barbecue-season with a genuine competition to find the best griller of the Netherlands. Last sunday was the kick off with the first episode of Baas BBQ. It all looked delicious and even we felt the urge to grap the barbecue with the weather this good!

In the sun it is lovely to be outside, but on colder nights you can still barbecue. With a terrace heater you make sure everyone is comfortable, even when they are not standing near the barbecue. At Baas BBQ they thought of this as well, there were a couple of great terrace heaters keeping everyone warm. Did you spot them? This is our newest terrace heater, the Flameheater Round 11000. This robust heater has a matte black grill and a rugged appearnce, making it a real addition to any garden. The flames are nice and visible, adding a lot of atmosphere and of course nice warmth. Ideal for at a barbecue, or just on a terrace. With 11.000 Watts you will keep warm, garanteed.

Check out the episode of Baas BBQ!

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