Transition gasless heating

Heating asks for a new approach. Our smart innovations help you heat your home electrically, comfortably and efficiently. Whether it’s about a permanent solution or an addition to an existing system. For every space we have a fitting solution. Thanks to our smart app you have complete control. Our products assist the transition to gasless heating.


From gas to electrical

We all need to disconnect from the gas supply, that is inevitable. Because the transition can be quite a challenge you’d want to make it as easy as possible. Our products assist in that transition. Whether you want to heat your entire house electrically or only heat some rooms every now and then: for every space we have a suitable solution.


Your home heated electrically

To completely heat your home electrically it isn’t wise to put in any electric heater. You want a well thought out system that heats your home optimally. Our assortment permanent heating has heaters that do exactly that. They make it easy to heat your home electrically.

These heaters are ideal for the transition to gasless heating, because they can heat entire rooms. That is because they have a thermostat that measures the temperature in the room, and adjusts itself to reach the desired temperature. Also, they are easy to control: with the buttons on the heater, with the remote control or even with the Eurom Smart App.

Additionally, our permanent electric heaters are good looking devices that will fit in any home. They have a sleek design that blends in the interior, or if you want, stands out. They can be mounted on the wall, just like the central heating system you are used to. By doing that they aren’t in the way for your day-to-day activities. But because we know you like to decide for yourself what your home looks like, many of the heaters can also be placed on little feet on the floor. That way you can put them wherever you want, or even put them away in summer.


Gasloos verwarmen
Transitie gasloos verwarmen


Extra electric heating

Sometimes you only want to heat a room a little bit extra. Then, a small and compact heater is useful. It can be easily stored or used in different rooms. We have a lot of electric heaters. To help you make a choice we have written an elaborate decision aid. You will quickly find out what type of heater is perfect for you.


You are in control

Transitioning to electric heating is tricky enough. Of course you want to keep control over everything. With Eurom electric heating you have full control. About which type you choose, in which room you use it and of course when they are turned on or off.


.. about which type of electric heating you choose

Which type of heater you choose, that is completely up to you. Do you want warmth that is comparable to that of the central heating? Then convector heaters are ideal. They heat a room the same way as the central heating, but then electrical!


When you like to feel the warmth directly on your skin without heating the air unnecessarily, then infrared heating is your thing. Thes luxurious panels radiate heat that feels just like the warmth of the sun.

Infrared heating can be used in several ways, so definately read more about how infrared heating can be used in your home.


Transitie gasloos verwarmen kan ook in de badkamer
De transitie naar gasloos verwarmen start in de woonkamer


.. about in which room you put the heater

Whether you want an electric heater in the hallway, living room, bedroom or office: it’s all possible. Because we have many types, sizes and powers, you can decide where to hang one.

There are even electric heaters for in the bathroom. That way you will not be left in the cold. Do you want electric heating in the bathroom? Read more about which heaters can be hung in the badroom.


.. about how you use the heater

The great thing about electric heating is that there is so much more possible than with traditional heating. For example, many of our permanent heaters have Wifi. In combination with the Eurom Smart App you can control these heaters very easily, from wherever you are.

Besides that it is also possible to set weekly timers. This way you can control when the heater turns on to the minute. You’ll never be cold again, and you’re saving energy by not having the heater on unnecessarily.

Another benefit of the Smart App is that you can connect multiple heaters. When you have mutliple heaters in your large living room you can make them work together to reach the desired temperature as efficiently as possible.


Our products support your transition to gasless heating. So also take a look at all our heating products.

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