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Gas heaters

Gas heaters warm up the area through the combustion of a gas, most often a propane-butane mix. The warmth coming off this is big, making this type of heater the right choice for heating garages, work places and big halls.

8713415322569 Outsider straalkachel gas gasbus gasstraler buiten verwarmingOutsider sfeer

Eurom Outsider
  • Ideal for camping
  • No power required
  • Light and portable
8713415322095 HKG10 gaskanon8713415322095 HKG10 gas cannon

  • Electronic ignition
  • On butane gas
  • For rooms up to 350 m³
8713415322125 HKG-15 heteluchtkanon op gas gaskanon 15000 Watt8713415322125 HKG-15 hot air gun on gas gas gun 15000 Watt

  • Electronic ignition
  • On butane gas
  • For rooms up to 500 m³
8713415322200 HGK30 gaskanon8713415322200 HGK30 gas cannon

  • Electronic ignition
  • On butane gas
  • For rooms up to 1000 m³

Gas heaters

Depending on the size of the area you choose a gas heater with the appropriate amount of power.

Important to pay attention to is airing the room in which the gas heater is operating. While burning gas, carbon monoxide is released and oxygen is used up. Both of these effects are not desirable for the health, so an appropriate amount of fresh air is of importance.

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