Mica-thermic heaters

Mica-thermic heaters use the mineral mica. Mica is a sillicate minieral with a shiny, layered structure that is used for its ability to conduct heat very efficiently.

8713415362435 Mica-Heat-Wave 2000 micathermische kachel verwarming8713415362435 Mica-Heat-Wave 2000 micathermische kachel verwarming

Mica-Heat-Wave 2000
  • Movable
  • Thermostat button
  • 3 sides heat

Mica-thermic heaters

The heaters offer an efficient and effective way of heating. They work by exposing electromagnetic radiation that heats objects in the room. These objects heat the air, making the entire room pleasantly warm just like with radiators. These heaters are energy efficient, quiet and do not displace air, effectively avoiding moving allergens and dust around. Mica-thermic heaters offer a quick, efficient and affordable way to heat making them a good choice for living spaces.

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