Heat and Beat Tower on tv

Sitting in the garden at night, who doesn’t love it? Enjoying the fresh air, warm and cozy, maybe even with a bit of music. That lovely summer vibe is something you want to feel all year long, so we worked hard to make that feeling obtainable. The Heat and Beat is a product range of terrace heaters that not only create nice warmth, but can also play music thanks to the build-in speakers. This makes it even easier to create the right mood: all you need is your mobile phone to turn on the heaters.

8713415334579 Heat and Beat Black electrical terrace heater with speakers and LED lighting app control

It is clear that we are proud of such amazing products, and we would like nothing more than to show everybody. And that will happen, seeing as the Heat and Beat Tower will make it’s tv-debut this saturday on the program De Grote Tuinverbouwing (the big garden rebuild).

De Grote Tuinverbouwing is a tv-programme in which gardens and homes of people are being transformed. This is done by professionals that pleasantly surprise people with the make-over. Of course with this make-over come products that greatly improve living comfort, so every week we are shown a new product that is cool, innovative or just very usefull. This week that product will be the Heat and Beat Tower, and we can’t wait to see what the opinions will be about this versatile and beautiful terrace heater. Will you watch?

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