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Permanent heating

Transitie gasloos verwarmen kan ook in de badkamer

Bathroom heaters

Looking for a heater for the bathroom? Then you have come to the right place. This is because not every type of electric heater is suitable for the bathroom. We make bathroom heaters specially so that you can use them in the bathroom for a long time. That means they have the right insulation class to cope with the amount of moisture and condensation, and can be fixed to the wall.

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De transitie naar gasloos verwarmen start in de woonkamer

Infrared heaters

An infrared heater is a heating panel that emits infrared radiation. This long-wave infrared radiation provides the same heat as the sun, and thus feels wonderful on your skin. Thus, the infrared panels heat you as a person, but not unnecessarily the air in the room. So the power you use is converted directly and 100% into heat you feel, nothing is lost!

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Transition gasless heating

Heating asks for a new approach. Our smart innovations help you heat your home electrically, comfortably and efficiently. Whether it’s about a permanent solution or an addition to an existing system. For every space we have a fitting solution. Thanks to our smart app you have complete control. Our products assist the transition to gasless

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Permanent heating

We have several heaters that are perfect for permanent heating. These are electric heaters such as convector heaters and infrared heaters that heat your home wonderfully. These heaters can be hung on the wall, are energy-efficient and beautiful to have in your home.

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8713415350135 Sani 400 black infrarood verwarming badkamerelektrisch verwarmen badkamer

Sani 400 WiFi Black
  • Smart App Control
  • Disappearing display
  • Practical towel rails
8713415361636 Mon Soleil 601 wifi infraroodpaneel infrarood verwarming verwarmingspaneelElektrische verwarming woonakmer

Mon Soleil 601 wifi
  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Wifi control
  • Frameless panel

Permanent heating

Many of these heaters and infrared panels are also smart. So you can easily control the heater from anywhere with your smartphone.

In addition, a permanent heater has a thermostat and a weekly timer. This allows you to set the heater so that it turns on and off at a certain time every day!

When you want to hang an electric heater in the bathroom, you choose special bathroom heaters.

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