General questions

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Clearly state the product and which information you wish to receive.

Yes, we have high resolution photo’s of all our products. Ask your question through the contact form.

Clearly state from which product(s) you wish to receive the photographs and where you are going to use them for. We try to answer your request as soon as possible.

When a component belonging to a product is not in the box, we can deliver the component. Contact us through the contact form and state clearly which component from which product you are missing.

For all our products we have placed the instruction manuals on the website. When there are adaptations in the manual we will update these accordingly.

The instruction manuals can be downloaded from the specific product page.

More and more of our products are equipped with Wifi-control. By downloading the Eurom Smart App you can control the device through your phone.

Climate control

When the airconditioner gives the code E7, this means it has run out of cooling gas. Contact the dealer where you purchased the airconditioner to have the cooling gas refilled.

The codes and their meaning can also be found in the instruction manual of the product.

It could be that with certain mobile airconditioners you see something that appears to be styrofoam, and want to remove it. Do not do that, it is there for a reason.

The material is firmply pressed hard plastic, and can appear to look like styrofoam. It is used in all mobile airconditioners to create an isolating container. This makes the sound that the device makes less audible, and less obnoxious. The material does not further influence the workings of the mobile airconditioner.

The pressed plastic is coated with a white layer to make it as indistinct as possible.

Besides cooling the room, an airconditioner will always (lightly) dehumidify the air. Some mobile airconditioners even have a seperate dehumidify mode. The moisture that is extracted from the air will be contained in a waterreservoir. This will become full over time, and must be emptied. Als when he reservoir is not yet full it can leak, for example when you move the airconditioner.

The waterreservoir is emptied by draining the tank with a hose fit for that purpose. Check to see if there is, besides the cap, not also a plug in the drainage hole to which you connect the hose.

In the instruction manual of your specific mobile airconditioner you can find instructions for the emptying and draining the waterreservoir.


When the Force high pressure cleaners appear to be working less powerfully, it could be that the nozzle is clogged.

Take the lance of the device and clean the nozzle thoroughly. When you re-attach the lance and nozzle the high pressure cleaner should clean with normal force.

Terrace heating

Terrace heaters normally have peak voltage. This means that when they are just turned on, the use more power than when they have been on for a while. Many electrical appliances have peak voltage to get started, but when the power supply is not sufficient there will be a short circuit.

To prevent short circuit it is important not to attach more appliances to the power supply than it can take. Do you still want to connect your terrace heater in a specific spot? Consider connecting a power fuse that can take more voltage. An electrician can support you with this.

Seeing as no wood type – and treatment of the wood – is equal, there is no one simple answer to this question. Important is that the foundation on which the terrace heater is mounted, is heat resistant to at least 100 degrees Celsius. Whether this holds for your porch is something you can ask the seller of the porch. Better safe than sorry, and research the matter before placing the terrace heater.

Besides the heat resistance of the porch, you should always hold in regard the minimum distance of the terrace heater to the ground, walls and ceiling. These minimum distances can be found in the instruction manual.