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Have a question about Eurom or one of our products? Take a quick look at our frequently asked questions. For example, the general frequently asked questions, or search by product number or name. Then you can quickly and easily find the answer to your question.

Ask your question via the contact form.

Please clearly state the product and what information you would like to receive about it.

If a part of the product is not in the box, we can supply it. Please contact us via the contact form, specifying which part of which product it is. Please check the packaging carefully. Small parts may be stuffed into the styrofoam to fit better in the packaging.

For all our products, we have posted the instruction manuals on the website. We also update these when adjustments are made to the instruction booklet.

The booklets can be downloaded from the manuals page, as well as from the product page.

We sell our products through many different retailers and webshops. Go to the product page to find a shop near you that sells that product, or order through the webshops.

It may happen that a new product is already on our website but is not yet in shops. In that case, please check again at a later date. As soon as the item is at a shop, it will appear in our shop locator.

More and more of our products are equipped with Wi-Fi control. By downloading the Eurom Smart App, you can control the device via your phone. Check the manual to properly install the App.

When you use a VPN, you may not be able to connect to the devices. Turn off the VPN and try again.

When you need to enter an account number with the Eurom Smart App, you can also use your own e-mail address.

When the letters and words overlap in the app, this has to do with the settings on your phone. Adjust the font size and/or font until it looks right again in the app.

Long press the timer setting you want to delete. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to delete this timer.

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