About Eurom

About Eurom

We could tell a lot about Eurom, but we could also keep it short. Since 1974 we develop and sell electrical products. These products are divided over six main categories:



As growing organisation of course we have a mission: something we stand for, what we find important. For Eurom that is “working together on comfort for everyone”. We will explain how we do that.

Eurom creates comfort for the consumer by developing climate and seasonal products. Eurom products are distinctive:

• Extra safe

• Durable solutions

• Renewing again and again

• User friendly

• High quality

Eurom creates comfort for the client by offering products for which the consumer will like to visit them. We do this with a surprising high service level.

Eurom creates comfort for her employees by creating a nice work environment.We work hard, but we do that together. We can count on each other and have fun in our work. We radiate that!

Eurom creates comfort for the suppliers by putting the relationship first. Quality and respect are important, working together on the Eurom vision.



Our mission, “working together on comfort for everyone” is how we want to realise our vision. We want to achieve things. What that is?

Eurom wants to make a difference. We do this by continuously improving our products and service.

We want to offer the consumer good products and our clients an extensive assortment with an ever

better service. Together we work on controlable growth and a better, safer and sustainable future.


Eurom always offers more

By keeping on developing and innovaten the products are always current and up-to-date. An important part for that is renewal: both in use as well as in looks. This way we try to keep making better and better-looking products that will look good in any house.

For our clients we spend a lot of attention on shop presentation and marketing support. For example shelf outlines, displays and  supporting product flyers and information signs.


Powerful products

Our creed says it all about our products: strong, reliable and powerful!



November 1974 marks the beginning of Eurom. Jaap Bakker starts the company Euromac, named after what the company would sell: European Machines. In the beginning these machines were fully focussed on the agrarian life. Professional products that can handle the tough life in the agricultural sector. Robust, sturdy and with a lot of power. For example high pressure cleaners, heaters and generators. Solid products that do what they should do, also then this was the power of Eurom.

Changes in the agrarian sector forced Euromac to action. Less farmers meant less demand for the professional products that Euromac developed. But electrical products, there was still demand for those. The knowledge Euromac had gained over the years was used to develop products for the regular consumer. The focus is still on reaching the best quality. For instance, Euromac has a broad assortment that find their way to the consumer through dealers. This assortment is divided in six categories: cleaning, garden & recreation, terrace heating, heating, climate control and aggregates.

In 2010 Jaap Bakker is succeeded by his son, Wycher Bakker who subsequently becomes director of Euromac. In 2011 Euromac undergoes a name change to ‘Eurom’. This was to create more unity within the company, that already branded her products under the product-brand ‘Eurom’. More unity means more power, and that has been proven. Over the years Eurom has grown exponentially. Where the company could fit 100 pallets in the warehouse back in 1974, today this is a staggering amount of 10.000 pallets. Of course a lot preceeded that, such as two moves and a couple of building expansions.

Eurom has gone through many changes, but the quality and service Eurom offers has remained unchanged, if not improved. Every year again Eurom strives to market better, more beautiful and smarter products. Eurom does this with a team of involved employees that work hard to support the client. From production to aftersales, Eurom always offers more!