Oasis 303 Wifi

The Eurom Oasis 303 is an air humidifier that contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Thanks to the added Wifi it is possible to control this humidifier with the Eurom Smart App.

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Humidifies without the anoying water scale on your furniture.

Build-in hygrostat
Measures the humidity constantly and keeps the room on the desired humidity. You can set the desired percentage of moisture from 40 – 75% in steps of 5%.

Up to max. 300 ml per hour. The room quickly up to the desired humidity. For rooms up to 44 m2.

Sound levels
From 23 dB in sleep mode (barely audible) to maximum 52 dB.

Air flow
The powerful fan causes a spiral movement of the air and prevents wet spots around the device, as is the case with traditional humidifiers.

Tank volume
Big tank volume of 3 liters.

Evaporation element
Super absorbent.

Anti bacterical settings
Tank and filter are automatically dried to prevent bacteria.

Easy to (re) fill
(Re)fill with water without spilling or opening the device.

LED display
Simple controls and automatic dimming of the lighting on the control panel.

Water level indicator
The water level can be checked without opening the device.

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Silent mode
  • Wi-Fi control

control panel, Eurom Smart App

Range (max.)

40 – 60 m³


hygrostat, water level looking glass


1 – 12 hours (shut-down only)





Technical specifications
Powered by


Humidifying capacity

300 ml/h

Max. sound levels

52 dBA


12 W

Power selection


Working temperature

5-40 °C

Dimensions and weight
De afmetingen zijn weergegeven in l x b x h. De lengte is van het voorste naar het achterste punt van het product, de breedte is van het meest linkse naar meest rechtse punt, en de hoogte is van het laagste naar het hoogste punt gemeten. Dimensions

23,5 x 23,5 x 36,3 cm

Electrical cable

180 cm


2,3 kg


3 l

Product number





2 year


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  • Instruction video connecting Smart App

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