Fly Away metal 16 LED

The Eurom Fly Away metal 16 LED is an insect killer than will do its job well. The two LED lights of 4,5 Watts eacht attract the insects. Subsequently, the insects fly into the 2200 Volts high tension grid where they meet their end. The insects are collected in the collecting tray that is also easy to remove for cleaning.

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The aluminium casing makes the Fly Away metal 16 LED a sturdy insect killer. It can be used standing, but also hanging thanks to the supplied chains.

  • With 16 Watt LED lamp
  • Can also be hung
  • Made of aluminum
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Suitable for space

other, living room, kitchen, bedroom, study/office, office


2 x 4,5 Watt LED

Attractant reservoir



standing, hanging


plastic, aluminium

Technical specifications
Powered by


Connection voltage

220-240/50 V/Hz

Voltage grill

2200 V

Dimensions and weight
De afmetingen zijn weergegeven in l x b x h. De lengte is van het voorste naar het achterste punt van het product, de breedte is van het meest linkse naar meest rechtse punt, en de hoogte is van het laagste naar het hoogste punt gemeten. Dimensions

7,2 x 33,6 x 26,4 cm

Electrical cable

80 cm


1,3 kg

Product number





2 year


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