Mon Soleil DSP 770 Wifi

The Eurom Mon Soleil DSP 770 is a completely frameless heater of 770 Watts, for on the wall. This design model has a build-in thermostat that is also expandable with an extra thermostat. This infrared heater can be operated throught the display on the heater, or through the Eurom Smart App. The Mon Soleil DSP 770 infrared heater is an efficient and energy-saving heater, and is perfect as permanent heater.

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With the supplied feet this heating panel can also be used standing.

  • Standing and hanging
  • Handy control display
  • With ECO mode
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control panel, remote control, Eurom Smart App


LED display

Suitable for space

other, living room, kitchen, bedroom, study/office, office

Isolation class



standing, wall

Overheat protection



yes, + extra external


yes, weektimer in App


carbon crystal



Technical specifications
Powered by


Connection voltage

230/50 V/Hz


770 W

Dimensions and weight
De afmetingen zijn weergegeven in l x b x h. De lengte is van het voorste naar het achterste punt van het product, de breedte is van het meest linkse naar meest rechtse punt, en de hoogte is van het laagste naar het hoogste punt gemeten. Dimensions

5 x 133 x 60 cm

Electrical cable

160 cm


18,2 kg

Product number





5 year

Frequently asked questions

The heater remembers the set temperature only when it is on or goes into standby mode. If the device is switched off with the main switch, the heater will return to the default value when switching it on again.

If the plug has been unplugged, you may not be able to pair the Smart App. In that case, reset the heater and pair the Smart App when the wifi symbol on the heater flashes rapidly again.

When the Wifi is connected, the symbol on the display will light up constantly. Don’t want to connect to the Wifi but also no blinking symbol? Press and hold the OFF button until you hear a long beep, then the Wifi is switched off.


Want to turn the Wi-Fi back on? Then press and hold the OFF button until you hear a short beep.


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Download the latest manual for this product, or check the instruction video (when available).

  • Download manual
  • Instruction video connecting Smart App

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