Partytent heater 1500 RC

The Eurom Party tent heater 1500 RC is a patio heater that adds some atmosphere in addition to heat. The 1500 Watt carbon lamp provides the heat, and the LED lamp provides the atmosphere. The LED lamp can be set to four different colors, so that the party can really start!

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With the supplied remote control you control the heat and the color lamp, and it is even possible to set this heater on a timer.

  • 4 color LED lighting
  • Remote control
  • With timer
Also available in:

remote control

Range (max.)

10 – 15 m²


4 colour LED light

Isolation class




With extra lighting





1 – 2 – 4 hour





Technical specifications
Powered by


Connection voltage

220-240/50 V/Hz


1500 W

Dimensions and weight
De afmetingen zijn weergegeven in l x b x h. De lengte is van het voorste naar het achterste punt van het product, de breedte is van het meest linkse naar meest rechtse punt, en de hoogte is van het laagste naar het hoogste punt gemeten. Dimensions

43 x 43 x 10 cm

Electrical cable

185 cm


1,8 kg

Product number





2 year

Frequently asked questions

Patio heaters usually require peak voltage. This means that when they just switch on, they use more power than when they are on for longer. This peak current draw requires many electrical appliances to get going, but when the power group cannot provide that much current, a short circuit occurs.


To prevent short circuits, it is important not to connect more electrical appliances to the group than it can handle. Do you still want to connect your patio heater in a specific place? Then consider connecting a power group that can handle more voltage. An electrician can support you in this.

Since no two types of wood – and treatment of the wood – are the same, there is no single answer as to whether you can use a patio heater on a wooden veranda. The important thing is that the surface to which the patio heater is mounted is able to withstand at least 100 degrees Celsius. Whether this is so for your veranda will have to be checked with the seller of the veranda. Be on the safe side and inquire before installing the patio heater.


In addition, when installing a patio heater, you should always take into account the minimum distances from the ground, wall and ceiling. These distances can be found in the instruction booklet of your patio heater.

If the electric patio heater’s lamp is broken, it is probably possible to get the patio heater repaired. Offer the patio heater to the dealer where you bought it. The dealer will contact us to see if the lamp can be replaced.

We have no special protective covers for our electric patio heaters. Some of our electric patio heaters are waterproof. Check out the heaters with an insulation class of IP65 on the product page.


Have you checked all the information and the frequently asked questions, and you still have questions? Please contact us!

Where to buy

Want to know where you can buy this product? Check the online or offline sales points near you!


Download the latest manual for this product, or check the instruction video (when available).

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